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1986 - The Rebirth of Ganadpuszta

Developing the Ipoly Valley, whose future appeared bleak started in October 1986 when a dilapidated cow shed was set up at Ganadpuszta. Then the long and arduous process of rebuilding Ganadpuszta was taken on, and it first became a herpetological farm.



Later on, in 1991 this enterprise was moved to another premises in the region. Subsequently Ganadpuszta became one of the largest and most successful Central European stud farms, specialising in jumpers.



1999 - The New Ganadpuszta: from Horses to Berries

The idea of fruit wine arose in 1999 and, while relocating the horses, the stud farm's conversion began into the first fruit winery and distillery in the Ipoly Valley. The decision was not easy and the idea was not obvious. Even though the region has a long lasting record of fruit production, which served as good livelihood for the farmers previously, years of suffering started around when it became more and more difficult to sell the fruit itself.

To overcome the difficulties, and to help the farmers and the region to be stand, first the idea of a pulp factory arose, but neither this, nor the idea of a jam factory were put alive from the architect's tables.
Instead Ganadpuszta changed hands in 2001, and thus EAST-WEST FRUITS RT was created, with investment from several Luxembourg companies. This can be stated as the real start of the fruit wine production. The facilities for fruit production evolved as orchards and cellars were added to the premises.